hot water benefits

So many social media users have asked me why I recommend hot water versus cold water. If you are wondering why I like hot water so much this article is for you.
Let us think about washing dishes. If you want to get rid of all the oils and the food from the dish, you will use hot water. The same thing applies to your body.

Every morning, I drink a cup of hot water after brushing my teeth and before I have food in my system. Imagine that you want to do dishes before you go to bed so that you have a nice clean plate in the morning. Before you go to bed try a cup of hot water so that it cleanses the system when you are sleeping. If you are worried about going to the bathroom, you know, but all night, do not worry too much. You might want to go to the bathroom if you drink cold water before you go to bed.
But if you have hot water it doesn’t happen. My father used to say you know I don’t want to drink water before going to bed because I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night.
However, when I introduce him to hot water he loved it. He has been drinking hot water because he doesn’t need to go to the bathroom.
Is that not wonderful?

I also carry my thermos bottle wherever I go so that I can sip hot water when I need it.
When I am going to go to a restaurant, I order a cup of hot water after a meal instead of coffee or tea. This is because I feel so clean and my body gets more energized and I feel so relaxed.
Try that next time. When you go to a restaurant, tell them to serve you hot water with a slice of lemon. It is will make you feel good.

Many people have asked me about the temperature of hot water. I like boiling water just like the hot water you use for tea. If you don’t like that, you can make it a bit hot.
My body prefers hot water. Many people have asked me if is okay to order hot water or add lemon with it. I think that throughout the day, it is okay to add a slice of lemon.
But before you go to bed don’t add a lemon, because it is not good for your teeth. You can just use your water heater to get it ready then drink without lemon before you sleep. Make sure you know your water heater durability before you use it to heat up water for drinking.

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