Is Apple building a social media network?

apple social media network

Facebook and Apple are at war on privacy, tracking, data protection, and a lot of things. To make the competition aggressive, Apple is building its network secretly. They aim to compete with Facebook and its messenger platform like WhatsApp and also FB Messenger.

Apple has bad memories. Do you remember Ping? It was their first social media network. But it burned and crashed. It didn’t die off completely.
Ping was expected to be social media network for people that like music. It was launched in 2010 with the release of iTunes. iTunes as however the biggest hit that period. Spotify was their competitor.

With plans to make iTunes amazing with exciting features, they thought it will beat Facebook and Twitter since it is targeted. Reviews set in. Some were negative and others positive.

Ping had a lot of flaws. Only iTunes users were able to access it. iTunes became more and more old-fashioned. Having social media features like comments, posts, messages, replies and more, made it worse.
There were lots of fake accounts on Ping. Pages of celebrities were flooded with fake accounts with lots of incentives like free iPads and iPhones. I believe those were easy to create. Apple wasn’t doing anything to restrict it.

In September 2012, Apple had to close Ping. They learned a lot. They were able to add some of the ideas they learned in Apple Music. The feature allows users to browse through feeds, follow famous artists and receive exclusive content. This is Ping in a modern and controlled manner.

Apple has been quiet during the last decade in the launch of another social media network. But sources have it that they are secretly building another one that will be a big hit.

Anyway, what is a social media network?

A friend that wrote an article on the cost of a $100 iTunes card in Naira once said this:

It’s a website for micro-blogging and social networking through which people share information, personal messages, ideas, and other content like videos.

I don’t think modern social networks suit this kind of definition. Let me rush back to Apple for a quick explanation.

As you know, Apple likes privacy. Most social media platforms don’t care. They are only interested in your data. They get it for free from you and sell it to third parties.

Apple is not in this kind of business. It’s an excellent selling point for social media network owners.
Small businesses use it to serve ads to potential and existing customers. Those are tagged as malicious interests. It’s a way of making a living.
Now, the question is, how will Apple build a social media network without selling your data?

How to delete messages on twitch

deleted twitch message

Did you get a message on Twitch that was meant to be kept secret? Did your friend send you a message with an embarrassing video of you from ages ago? Do you have a bunch of messages in your inbox and want to clear some out before people start to suspect something is up? Whatever the reason, deleting messages seems like it’d be too difficult of a task on twitch. It turns out that it’s incredibly easy.

To delete messages on twitch, just go into your chat box, click any message that’s not highlighted blue, and then hit “delete” on your keyboard. Any messages that you delete this way will no longer show up in the chat, nor can they be recovered. If you want to recover deleted messages for whatever reason (like if you accidentally deleted them) and want to save them, you can also copy the messages by highlighting them and pressing control+C. Then paste them by simply clicking on a text field and hitting control+v.

To recover messages that people have deleted from their chatbox, you’d need to click their username on any page of twitch (their profile, chat room, or video) and hit “messages” beside their name in the dropdown menu. Click the topmost message they’ve sent themselves (if there are multiple messages from themselves close together, pick between those two), highlight it with your mouse cursor, and press control+C. Then open up a text document or Notepad file and press control-V to paste whatever you copied from the chatbox. Make sure whatever you’ve pasted is all on one single line in your document! If there are any extra lines in it, delete them and then simply save what you’ve pasted in Notepad by clicking File>Save As… and naming your file with a .txt ending. Then open up that file whenever you want to see the message again, just double-click it and it should pop right up.

This article was created for educational purposes only. In no way do any of its contents recommend or advocate cheating in online games or anything unethical. Remember to never break any rules when playing multiplayer games online, as doing so will get you banned from some servers when detected by moderators running scripts and programs that automatically detect such behavior.

If you have been using Twitch for a long time and you want to grow your viewership, read here. I have taken the time to write about a service that can help you to get them. It is indeed safe and works perfectly.

Facts about social media marketing

social media marketing facts and realities

Eating pizza three times a day isn’t good for you. When we hug our dogs, they get stressed. You will never be best friends with Beyoncé.

Don’t throw stones at us; we’re just trying to make you aware of how harsh life can be. It’s no different in the case of social media marketing. Of course, every career has its challenges, but while we’re all still riding the social media rocket, there are some harsh realities we must face.

The good news is that everything isn’t evil. Here are four facts about social media, as well as strategies for dealing with and overcoming them.

It will take longer than you thought to achieve success.

You won’t gain thousands of followers organically in a month, no matter how many Instagram hashtags you use or how many tweets you submit. Many brands that were early adopters of social media saw immediate success and continue to reap the benefits today. However, since social media is now overrun by businesses vying for attention, consumers are becoming more cautious about the businesses they invite to their networks.

For the next six weeks, it will take more than a couple of related articles to see the fruits of your labor. In reality, it might take years to develop and implement your digital strategy (and then refine and implement it again…) until you see results. Remember that social media is all about culture, and only a few groups emerge from thin air.

Be patient and consistent in your approach.

Those who wait for good things will be rewarded. Social networking success necessitates a long-term commitment in time and resources, as well as equal parts persistence and tenacity. Make sure you have a social media marketing plan in place that you constantly evaluate and improve.
Don’t go to your Facebook page for a week straight to promote your new marketing campaign, and then vanish for a few months. Allow time for your efforts to take hold, and be willing to lower your expectations for how quickly things can move.
The majority of people are uninterested in what you have to say.
Do the same thing when you want to promote your YouTube channel instead of your Facebook page.

We warned you that these would be “tough” facts. But it’s critical to confront them now because the sheer size of social media is likely to inflate the standards for the level of interaction your brand can receive. You will better concentrate on the people who care about your brand until you stop naively thinking that every human being on the planet cares about your brand and should like all of your Facebook posts.

Find your fans and concentrate your efforts on them.

Instead of trying to satisfy everybody, concentrate on the people who matter most to your company: your clients, potential customers, and brand advocates. Examine the people who have already responded to your messages and see how you can reinforce those bonds by providing them with more of what they already enjoy.

Make a firm commitment to enhancing your content.

People who follow your business on social media permit you to interact with their carefully curated personal feed. So, amid selfies of their best friend and quotes from people they admire, is what you share on social media equally important, engaging, or entertaining, or is it a very boring interlude? Is it any worse, a deliberate offer to sell? Asking yourself, “Would I follow my business on social media if I didn’t work for it?” is a simple way to keep track of the quality of your content.
On social media, the business would have a difficult time making profits.

Isn’t it just a little too nice to be true? You share a few photos on Facebook and tweet with a few people, then sit back and wait for the euros to start pouring in. Unfortunately, social media (like any other form of advertisement or communication network) does not function that way, but many people still believe it. Although social media can assist your company in a variety of ways (including generating leads that can transform into revenue), it is not a revenue-generating investment in and of itself.

More facts regarding social media marketing

Asking for social media assistance in the improvement of consumer satisfaction is better than asking how much you can earn. Using social media with a strategic goal in mind, one that is aligned with real-world business issues and goals will help you illustrate the effect it has on your business model.

Here are some goals that you might achieve with the help of social media:

  • Increase the number of visitors to your website and the number of leads you get.
  • Improve customer ties
  • Product research and development report
  • Make use of the collective wisdom
  • Boost the exposure of your brand

Begin tracking the metrics that matter.

Measuring the number of likes and comments on your most recent Instagram post won’t tell you much if your social media targets are aligned with real business objectives. Metrics that help you explain the true importance of your social media efforts are the ones that matter. You can use a network like twitch and then push in lots of audiences using the best source for buying twitch views.

Instead of focusing solely on the number of people who click on the links you post on social media, you can also consider the click-through rate and bounce rate. This is the number of people who visited your website or blog after clicking on a link you posted on social media. Compare this figure to other web traffic sources. If your social media bounce rate is lower than other outlets, you can demonstrate that you’re targeting the right people on social media and that the traffic you’re receiving is more qualified for your company.

To play, you’ll have to pay a fee.

It’s no longer the wild, uncharted terrain that it once was. Because of the amount of content being generated today and the way social networks like Facebook curate content for their users, companies’ organic reach has dwindled. The best way to ensure that your advertising has the greatest potential effect is to invest a few dollars in supported content and targeted ads on social networks.

Attempting to run advertisements that are specifically targeted

There’s a widespread misconception that paying for supported posts and advertisements on social media is just for the wealthiest brands. You’d be shocked how far a few dollars can go, particularly if you’ve done an excellent job of targeting your campaign to reach the right people.
It’s a more difficult task than you thought.

How much do you get paid to tweet every day? This is a question you should never ask a social media employee. And the truth is that helping a company succeeds in digital marketing takes a lot more effort than most people realize. It necessitates excellent writing abilities, stringent editorial supervision, short- and long-term strategic coordination with other lines of business, and the ability to accurately interpret and analyze data.

You’re right if you think that’s three different jobs for three different people, but few businesses are fortunate enough to have dedicated social media teams. Finding someone who is both imaginative and strategic can be challenging.

How long will a tankless water heater last?

tankless water heater durability

It is important to know how long a water heater will last. Its increase in demand has brought about the release of so many brands. It is now difficult to figure out the most amazing one without reading a review from friends, blogs, or neighbors.
Here, I will focus on showing you a bit about the one you must go for. Its duration will be discussed too.
You will also know what makes it better than others sold online or in offline stores.
I just hope you will relax and read every paragraph of this post without skipping anyone.

There is a high demand for water heaters in many countries. For now, an estimate of 4000 users is always looking for an excellent brand. More than that wants reviews, guides, how to buy, where to order, and a lot of topics and articles on it. It is now popular in so many advanced places. The issue that many encounters is its durability. This is why?

Remember in the previous part of this post, I said there are many brands of tankless water heaters.
This has resulted in the production of inferior ones. Example: An electric heater with a voltage of 220 may get damage at the first connection. This happens whenever you buy a bad brand. That is why you should first know the cost of the best brand before buying.
Sometimes, it is difficult to get a replacement. It usually results in negative reviews without a proper solution to resolve the issue.

All that can be resolved when you buy the reliable one available on this post.
You won’t encounter troubles during its connection or operation. Its duration is usually 10-15 years depending on how well you handle it. Some have even bragged of 20 years of usage without encountering any problem.
You just have to run a maintenance check from time to time. It helps a lot to keep it working all the time. It is advisable to call an expert for that when you cannot do it yourself.

The duration of any water heater can also base on the kind of current supplied to it. Most people make the mistake of connecting their own to a stabilizer or low voltage generator. Your water heater should have its wall socket and should be connected directly. Its current supply must not come from a low-priced generator.

I remember a long time ago when I was watching a video after writing on simple ways shy persons socialize, the presenter paused and went to check his water heater. He had an issue with his connection which nearly caused damage. That can lower the duration of your heater.
It is advisable to get someone proficient in setting it up before you start using it. Make sure you always carry out scheduled maintenance. When you do that, your own may last up to more than 15 years.

Benefits of drinking hot water

hot water benefits

So many social media users have asked me why I recommend hot water versus cold water. If you are wondering why I like hot water so much this article is for you.
Let us think about washing dishes. If you want to get rid of all the oils and the food from the dish, you will use hot water. The same thing applies to your body.

Every morning, I drink a cup of hot water after brushing my teeth and before I have food in my system. Imagine that you want to do dishes before you go to bed so that you have a nice clean plate in the morning. Before you go to bed try a cup of hot water so that it cleanses the system when you are sleeping. If you are worried about going to the bathroom, you know, but all night, do not worry too much. You might want to go to the bathroom if you drink cold water before you go to bed.
But if you have hot water it doesn’t happen. My father used to say you know I don’t want to drink water before going to bed because I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night.
However, when I introduce him to hot water he loved it. He has been drinking hot water because he doesn’t need to go to the bathroom.
Is that not wonderful?

I also carry my thermos bottle wherever I go so that I can sip hot water when I need it.
When I am going to go to a restaurant, I order a cup of hot water after a meal instead of coffee or tea. This is because I feel so clean and my body gets more energized and I feel so relaxed.
Try that next time. When you go to a restaurant, tell them to serve you hot water with a slice of lemon. It is will make you feel good.

Many people have asked me about the temperature of hot water. I like boiling water just like the hot water you use for tea. If you don’t like that, you can make it a bit hot.
My body prefers hot water. Many people have asked me if is okay to order hot water or add lemon with it. I think that throughout the day, it is okay to add a slice of lemon.
But before you go to bed don’t add a lemon, because it is not good for your teeth. You can just use your water heater to get it ready then drink without lemon before you sleep. Make sure you know your water heater durability before you use it to heat up water for drinking.

Is gas water heater safe?

efficient natural gas water heater

Have you read any review on the best tankless gas water heater before coming here? I think you haven’t.
Anyway, a bit of what you see here is based on what I checked.
Before I rush and start making this post lengthy, I like to use this medium to apologize.
I have not been posting on this blog regularly as I need to do. This is because of ongoing projects that have been taking my time. I will try to see if I can make more posts that are based on the topic of this website.
Please, continue to share most of the articles you see here that are helpful. If you have not done that before, I will be if you just do it now.

Not long, people decided to search a lot for a gas tankless water heater. This is because of the energy and space required to keep using a storage tank. No one wants to continue having a tank that occupies lots of space in their home or office. Simple equipment is becoming trendy these days. That is why; there is an increase in the demand for a gas water heater.
But a lot of people out there are worried if it is safe to use. If you are such an individual, relax a bit and keep reading.

A good supply of hot water is essential in every family. Most especially if you are more than 5 in your home. But there is fear that exists in lots of people due to the presence of a gas cylinder.
Below, you will see what you have to do to overcome such fear.

Nowadays, there are so many brands of a gas water heater. When you buy a bad one, you will be risking a lot. That is why, at the beginning of this article, I included a page where you should take a look at.
They wrote an amazing article on the excellent product to buy. I think their coupon code still works if you want a slash from its original price.
For this moment, it is the only recommended platform to check if you want to know more.

According to them, their gas water heater is safe. You don’t need to feel afraid. Just get the one they sell there if you are interested in having an efficient heater for your family.
You will never have any reason to say that you are disappointed.

If you just need help in installing the gas water heater, watch this full video.

Is there any twitch viewer bot free trial?

twitch live stream bot

Have you been searching for a twitch viewer bot free trial for some time? You have to stop. Try to ask yourself, since you have been looking for that, did you find anyone good?
You should consider trying something different. These days, many users are using different amazing means to gain views. You shouldn’t be stuck in looking for a bot when there is a wonderful strategy online. You need to depend on reliable means. You don’t have to keep on hoping that one day somewhere free will show up. Spend your money on the best. By doing that, you are sure of getting targeted active streamers. Use twitch viewer bot You will never regret the decision.

Are you surprised to see my recommendation? No one wants non-active persons to keep viewing their channels or live events. Those kinds of people will not make your channel interactive.
Everyone wants individuals that are real. Not people with fake accounts.
To achieve that, you have to make a proper decision on what to do to achieve that. You don’t have to post your link on several social media sites for people to click through it. That is an old method that is mostly triggered as spam in such places. Nowadays, you need a unique method that gives you what you want in a fast way.
Becoming famous using a bot may probably be easy. So, get the number of views you want from there.

Purchasing the amount you want is an accurate way to ensure that you will get targeted viewers.
Here, I included the exact place I use. There are so many others selling the same on the internet, but I won’t buy from them if I were you. Why? Remember bots are automated and not possibly real. However, you can see where to buy twitch followers here, if that is what you want.

Twitch is doing everything to shut down accounts using the wrong tactics for views.
Getting started with any method for viewers is the right choice.
According to my research, platforms offering free trials are one of them. There is no how you expert them to do all the work of getting your audience without paying. What you need is a perfect service online for lots of audiences. It is the only solution for anyone that doesn’t want to encounter issues on the platform. They will use their strategy to find people that are relevant to your channel, who will view and follow you.
It is safe and non-expensive at all.

An effective twitch promotion guarantees a good result. You cannot expect to be notified everywhere when you don’t have a plan. You need to accomplish stuff easily with those plans.
If you read everything, you will see that I planned this post well before publishing.
You should, therefore, try to organize your profile, make it look excellent before getting what you need.

If you insist on getting a trial when there is none available there, watch this clip for 75 viewers.

Can you get free TikTok likes?

cheap tiktok likes

If I say no that you can’t get free TikTok like, what will you do? I think you will possibly hit the back button of this post and leave. You may decide to click the next article showing up on your search engine hoping to find a way to do that.
I believe, today is not your first time using a social networking site. You must have tried Facebook, Twitter, and many others. You know you can get likes there for free but they aren’t much. Is that right?
The same applies to the TikTok network. You won’t get a lot for free. You need to do something different.

Have you ever come across popular users on TikTok? Check their profile and view carefully their posts.
You will identify what you are missing. Some of their likes didn’t come for free. When they post and get fewer people liking their posts, it means they are free. But if you see many, they purchase it. If you even look closer, you will see that they always pay for real and active likes. Lots of them make comments regarding their posts. Why not do the same today?

If you keep on thinking of getting everything free, you will be tagged as a normal user. Those groups of users are just there to have fun. No plans to make money on TikTok or dominate the platform faster.
You shouldn’t be in such a category.
If you have thousands of likes on TikTok, a company may approach you to display their ads on your video.
That alone can generate you enough cash that will cover expenses. You can even start paying someone to make cool videos for you. Before you know it, you will be famous than your friends or those people you envy a lot on TikTok.

Receiving likes without paying shouldn’t be your goal. You don’t even have to think of buying TikTok bot for that. You have to upgrade to a better means which is quite excellent in terms of result.
During that will certainly be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.

Before I conclude that you know what you are going to do, I need you to share this.
If you think this is helpful, try and bring in more people to read this post. There are lots of them out there that don’t know if they should rely on getting free TikTok likes or pay.

How much are TikTok followers?

cheap tiktok followers

TikTok does not sell followers. If you need to purchase them, you have to visit a site that has lots of reputation. I don’t mean the one with reviews.
Nowadays, developers can make fake ratings using one of their coding skills. That can deceive you into thinking that people are making payments there.

Here, I won’t spend the whole day trying to make this post to be the best meaning one you have ever seen.
I will concentrate on writing all I know. It is left for you to choose what I think is better or try something else.
You should reach me for help if you used somewhere different from where I said you should go to.
I may not be able to reply to your query.

The TikTok agencies I use have a discount for people that need their service. I am writing this regarding what they have on their store page. If you want to pay, just visit there.
You may ask them to send you a coupon if you still need their price to drop a little. They may be happy to assist you in that.

Most sites may have a lesser price for this. Since no one wants to lose their account, there is no need to check them out. You only have to focus and use the one you will see here.

Without wasting more time writing, order 10k amounts anywhere for your account. Why did I say that? Many of your reading may have plans to pay for 1000 fans since it’s less than $10. But it doesn’t make so much sense.
If you look through their prices, you will see that the higher you need, the lesser the price.
If you order 1k up to 10 times in 6 months, you will be overpaying. It will be better you pay for ten thousand at once and relax.

Everyone has their plans. You can go for as little as 100. But remember that you need a lot of up to thousands of followers before you can be famous.
If you check most of those top users on the network, you will confirm that this is true.
So, you shouldn’t be expecting a miracle if you are not ready to go for a high amount.

When you are set to dominate TikTok, you won’t worry about how much you spend. Think a bit if this is the right time to start your journey of becoming famous there. If it is, go ahead, no one is hindering you.

Does buying soundcloud plays work?

increase your soundcloud plays

What works depends on where you purchase soundcloud plays. The majority of people I know prefer to order from where I always recommend them to try out. They refer to lots of their buddies there on a daily basis because it seems to be the best for them.
So, it will be nice if you do the same. I am not trying to push you into using a website that you may think I am affiliated with. If you look closer, you will see that this site is only concerned with sharing social media articles. Whether you order from there or now, a lot will still keep on depending there.

Are you confused about where I am referring to?
If you read the first paragraph carefully, you see that I included a clickable link. That is where you have to go now. It is the place that is going to be responsible for promoting your music page.
You don’t have to be thinking of using non-paid tactics. You won’t get an excellent result compared to when you allow an expert to do a campaign for you.

You know your purpose is to become popular on Soundcloud. You can’t achieve that if you keep on using platforms that deliver non-human listeners.
If you can remember, your main aim before making the music is not just for fun. You had a plan to spread it globally. You want people to have it on their device. You don’t just want them to check your page and leave without positive comments. You want to be identified as not just an upcoming artist but also a talented one. So, buying from there is not a bad choice. It is a good decision that will really change everything. It will put you in the lane of domination.

Do you understand that?
It isn’t bad to be famous within a short while. Although you may plan to get there in a few years, it can happen in a week or month. You just have to make good music, publish and get Soundcloud plays from that place.
You don’t even need to do lots of sharing or invitations. That is, spreading your page on different social networks or telling friends and family members. You can alert a few persons and then order for thousands from there.
When you do all that, you will certainly have a feeling that seems so special. You will be motivated to make more since you are gaining an audience that wants to hear you a lot.
Nevertheless, if you want to go for an easy and free method first, watch this.

How to buy 10k Soundcloud followers

real active soundcloud followers

Will you like to get followers on your Soundcloud? Relax this article is for you. You need to know some certain stuff before you embark on this. You don’t have to hop into that site and spend your money without knowing what you stand to gain.
Let me put it this way. I’m sure you want to be famous, right? You don’t want inactive followers to be part of your profile. You must be tired of purchasing ones from sites that do not give you what you pay for.
You are looking for the safest and cheapest place to get 10,000 amounts. Is that true? Just read on.

That website you see above has been the only store that offers this to users without delays. They give you what you spend money on. This means, even if you need 1million number of this, they will surely give it to you.
But, if we think well on this, how do they actually promote your account in order to get it?

If you go through their homepage, you will notice that they wrote a short text on how they do this.
I will just let you know what they said here.
There, your link, which is the one you inserted in the order page, will be shared across top users.
This will enable people following the person to check your profile and become part of it.
They even said they will post it on other social networks so that people there can check you out.
Is that not awesome?

Nowadays, getting lots of following is no longer a difficult task. I know what works and depends on it whenever I want to gain a massive audience. So, you should do the same if you find it difficult to socialize as a shy person, but need real fans. You should stop looking for bots that can help you do that. There is none that can do that. You don’t need people that come online once in a while; they should be fellows that use the network every day or all the time. That way, you can communicate with them whenever you want and get feedback too.

There seem to be the only way to easily purchase that high amount with no form of an issue at all.
You can also go for lower volume and have fun there. You can even request for a special discount code from their support team whenever they are available.

5 ways to promote your YouTube channel

youtube tips for success

Having an idea on you can promote your channel can be an amazing success in your YouTube journey.
So, I have put together 5 ways that you can use to promote your YouTube channel for more views and subscribers.

1. Collaborations:
Collaborating with other YouTube users regardless of the channel size can really be helpful for getting yourself out there. I mean, think about it. If you’re on other channels that are promoting your content, all you have to do is take that first step to reach out to the owner.

2. SEO:
Search Engine Optimization is one of the fastest ways to get exposure for your channel. It is to optimize your content for search.
Whatever niche you are interested in, search for it on YouTube. When you do that, YouTube will auto-suggest things to you that people are looking for, based around that topic. Pick some of those phrases then make videos about those as a way to bring people into your channel.
You must optimize your titles, tags and also your descriptions using the phrase that you want to rank for.

3. Use other social media networks:
Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or anywhere you have followers, make sure that you are posting your content in relevant groups there. Join communities there before you actually start posting your content.
The worst thing you can possibly do is to join a Facebook group and go in there and say, hey you know, this is my channel. This is a video that you should check out.
Become an active participant in the community and then you’re more welcome to post your content.
Make sure that the content that you’re posting in there is actually relevant to the topic of the group.
I’ve seen lots of different YouTube account owners doing some creative things there to drive traffic to their channel. But the last thing that you want to do is to turn your Instagram into a promotional page.
Nobody wants to follow a promotional page.
First, make your Instagram activity interesting by posting them regularly.
Another fantastic place to share your content is Twitter. If you don’t have followers there, start making tweets on a regular basis to actually grow your following. Do the same to Instagram and anywhere else that you’re going to be promoting your YouTube content on.

4. Comment on other videos and join in live streams:
I’m not saying to spam comment sections. Don’t do that because you can get your account deleted for the repetitive posts. Become active in the community. After some time, people will start recognizing you more.
They will likely click on your name and view your channel.

5. Maximize the traffic that’s already flowing into your channel:
Make sure that you pin your playlist effectively using cards. Use the YouTube featured video option in your creator studio.

All of the above have been tested and will surely work for you. You can add your own suggestion or details concerning any of them, in the comment form.

Where to buy twitch followers?

buy real twitch followers

When I asked a random user on a forum where he thinks I can purchase twitch followers, he said a lot.
First, he recommended his friend who makes bulk accounts with bots and delivers them. He also mentioned some sites displaying on Google that do the same thing.
I wasn’t so surprised that many of them are using methods that do not give a result. They must be thinking that people don’t have working brains.
They charge cheap prices since they are doing the whole thing with their free method.
They don’t offer refunds and don’t care to answer your questions whenever you contact them.

I wonder why he used his friend’s service knowing too well that it isn’t effective. I had to set up a specific day with him so that we can meet offline and do lots of research. We intended to find out a reliable place that gives the thing every user wants.
On the 12th of that very month, we met with our laptops and begin to do lots of searches. At first, every site we see on search engines like Bing and Yahoo where not shown on Google page 1. It seems they are on page 3 or 4, so people didn’t see them a lot.
We had like $500 to test. It was a 50/50 contribution which we want to use to know the right one.
After we got tired of getting lots of non-active users, we had to hire an expert. We wonder why the site name looks so odd. It seems it was a gaming platform but was turned to a marketplace for twitch services.

Since we are ready to spend, we had to go ahead and pick the 5k fans pack. After a few hours, 3k was sent into our profile. At the end of the day, we saw 7k. Many of them were replying to our profile uploads.
We were happy to buy wanted to know if they will be active the next day. We made a short stream of one popular game and make it live. Two thousand users were watching it. We overcome shyness and dominated the network.
That was amazingly more than what we expected.

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Best source to buy twitch viewers from

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Many fail to pay for active twitch viewers from a source that is reliable. They keep testing without knowing that this article contains where they should try.
I think that is what you are doing now. You must be tired of waiting several hours to get what you placed an order from. You might be annoyed due to bad views which the other site you use delivered. The problem is people are not really watching your clip. The last purchase you made wasn’t what you expected. You want somewhere you can depend on. You are unhappy due to several refunds. You want to rank your video higher than others and also need some cash fast.

Before you get regular twitch viewers right away, make sure you go through all the information here. They are important.

There used to be a thread where people said that others are getting to the top using views.
They sent messages to twitch with a list of names of people that were buying it. To their surprise, the network support team didn’t reply or ban those accounts.
This made people that joined to send that message, to wonder why their profile got limited.
They discovered that they have been purchasing from the wrong place.
You shouldn’t join them to make that mistake. Never complain when people gain views after uploading or making a stream. You should find a way to perform the same action as they did.
Don’t keep on complaining about stuff that can make you lose hope on the network.
You need inspiration by spending your hard-earned cash wisely on a reliable site. You have to decide on your own to only get viewers without waiting.

There is no doubt that many people may not adhere to the information here. They will prefer to do what they think is okay for themselves. When they might have wasted so much money, they will come back here to look for this post.
You must not behave like them. Some have lots of cash to spend on anything. They will mostly say that they want to test and confirm if there is an alternative to that site.
You need to concentrate on the information you read today since it is the best for now.

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How to get free robux for kids no human verification

free robux for kids
This particular day, you are going to learn how to actually get over 1k free robux for kids. The most interesting thing about this tutorial is, there is no human verification.
Are you actually glad to know that?
You must be so desperate to see the easy way to get this done. You should relax a bit and make sure you do not rush this. You need to also ensure that friends around you that needs help, knows about this. Make sure you tell them where you got the idea.
You can just do that by copying this article link, then paste on your social media wall and share. If you are shy to do that, read here.

Every kid out there wants to get roblox currency without paying any money. They don’t want to keep on asking their guardians or parents for their credit card. They want an easy and fast means. Due to this high demand by these children, I had to share this little secret, which is how and where I get it.
If you are willing to follow all steps, congrats, you will get what you need without any limit.
Make sure you perform all only on the device you own. Don’t borrow your buddies’ gadget to try this on it. You may end up giving them robux instead of yourself.

Step 1: Search for any free rbx website.
It is actually the source where top users visit in order to have so many amounts for themselves.
Few days ago, they released a nice update, which allows you to pick certain amounts. It no longer needs you to start earning 10-100 daily; rather you can choose from 300-3000.

Step 2: Enter your roblox personal id.
Since you need robux present in your own account, you need to input your username.
Be certain that you enter it exact as you do on the game website.

Step 3: Select your exact device and quantity.
This part can be a lot tricky most especially, if you usually logon on computer and mobile.
It’s best to choose the exact one which you use to participate in the game all the time.
For quantity, just pick the highest one. You can start from the lowest to test.

Step 4: Process and Wait.
People don’t like waiting when something like that tries to take lots of time. You shouldn’t bother in this. Once you click the earn button, you have to wait for some time.
After that, you will need to perform a simple validation. Note that, it’s not human verification.
Are you a bit confused?

Most sites that offer that will demand you to perform a survey. But in that place, you only need to confirm if you still need the robux or not. You just have to complete any short and easy task they display. Remember those two words. It doesn’t take time to actually do them.
Once you are through, you will get what you need. You also will never visit any alternative in search for free robux for kids. You can watch this video if you want to.

Simple ways to socialise as a shy person

socialising with friends
If you are usually quiet, it is natural to be shy when it comes to socialising with people.
Expanding your friends can be difficult without reading this kind of guide. It can even seem to be intimidating.
But with these simple ways, you can begin to form some group of friends and let go of shyness.

1. Use Latest Apps
Everyone is aware of Facebook and how cool you can meet new friends there. But you shouldn’t stick only to it when there are many other ones to try out. You need to know more about what is happening in your society, by meeting new people.
Online, there are so many of these apps that can help you do that. You should just go to your normal device app store, search and download anyone with lots of reviews.

2. Know your friends
You shouldn’t add and move over to another person. Try to interact with each individual that is in your friends list. Know what they do and if possible meet them physically.
It might be a bit hard to see them in real life, but you can start with engaging them sometime with conversations.
You shouldn’t turn it to a date. It should be a simple hangout. Talk or chat to know about yourselves.
You should do this in an open area since it is the first time of meeting the person.

3. Choosing the right location
This part is more important like the other. A bit of it was shared above.
Before you ask them out, you need to pick a good location. You should never invite them to your house or to see your parents. Don’t ever think about that in the beginning.
Go out to a shop where you can buy a drink and talk. It should just be a shop.
Don’t be too silly and spend a lot talking to your friend. You still don’t know if what he said on social media is true. You need to make sure he/she is really a good friend and someone you can share a lot with. Mind what you say when you are out there physically.

Shy people prefer to talk to their gadgets. They sometimes think meeting people is a bad idea.
The thing is, one day you will get bored of all those devices and will need a real person in your life.
Follow those 3 ways and start socialising like a pro.