deleted twitch message

Did you get a message on Twitch that was meant to be kept secret? Did your friend send you a message with an embarrassing video of you from ages ago? Do you have a bunch of messages in your inbox and want to clear some out before people start to suspect something is up? Whatever the reason, deleting messages seems like it’d be too difficult of a task on twitch. It turns out that it’s incredibly easy.

To delete messages on twitch, just go into your chat box, click any message that’s not highlighted blue, and then hit “delete” on your keyboard. Any messages that you delete this way will no longer show up in the chat, nor can they be recovered. If you want to recover deleted messages for whatever reason (like if you accidentally deleted them) and want to save them, you can also copy the messages by highlighting them and pressing control+C. Then paste them by simply clicking on a text field and hitting control+v.

To recover messages that people have deleted from their chatbox, you’d need to click their username on any page of twitch (their profile, chat room, or video) and hit “messages” beside their name in the dropdown menu. Click the topmost message they’ve sent themselves (if there are multiple messages from themselves close together, pick between those two), highlight it with your mouse cursor, and press control+C. Then open up a text document or Notepad file and press control-V to paste whatever you copied from the chatbox. Make sure whatever you’ve pasted is all on one single line in your document! If there are any extra lines in it, delete them and then simply save what you’ve pasted in Notepad by clicking File>Save As… and naming your file with a .txt ending. Then open up that file whenever you want to see the message again, just double-click it and it should pop right up.

This article was created for educational purposes only. In no way do any of its contents recommend or advocate cheating in online games or anything unethical. Remember to never break any rules when playing multiplayer games online, as doing so will get you banned from some servers when detected by moderators running scripts and programs that automatically detect such behavior.

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