youtube tips for success

Having an idea on you can promote your channel can be an amazing success in your YouTube journey.
So, I have put together 5 ways that you can use to promote your YouTube channel for more views and subscribers.

1. Collaborations:
Collaborating with other YouTube users regardless of the channel size can really be helpful for getting yourself out there. I mean, think about it. If you’re on other channels that are promoting your content, all you have to do is take that first step to reach out to the owner.

2. SEO:
Search Engine Optimization is one of the fastest ways to get exposure for your channel. It is to optimize your content for search.
Whatever niche you are interested in, search for it on YouTube. When you do that, YouTube will auto-suggest things to you that people are looking for, based around that topic. Pick some of those phrases then make videos about those as a way to bring people into your channel.
You must optimize your titles, tags and also your descriptions using the phrase that you want to rank for.

3. Use other social media networks:
Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or anywhere you have followers, make sure that you are posting your content in relevant groups there. Join communities there before you actually start posting your content.
The worst thing you can possibly do is to join a Facebook group and go in there and say, hey you know, this is my channel. This is a video that you should check out.
Become an active participant in the community and then you’re more welcome to post your content.
Make sure that the content that you’re posting in there is actually relevant to the topic of the group.
I’ve seen lots of different YouTube account owners doing some creative things there to drive traffic to their channel. But the last thing that you want to do is to turn your Instagram into a promotional page.
Nobody wants to follow a promotional page.
First, make your Instagram activity interesting by posting them regularly.
Another fantastic place to share your content is Twitter. If you don’t have followers there, start making tweets on a regular basis to actually grow your following. Do the same to Instagram and anywhere else that you’re going to be promoting your YouTube content on.

4. Comment on other videos and join in live streams:
I’m not saying to spam comment sections. Don’t do that because you can get your account deleted for the repetitive posts. Become active in the community. After some time, people will start recognizing you more.
They will likely click on your name and view your channel.

5. Maximize the traffic that’s already flowing into your channel:
Make sure that you pin your playlist effectively using cards. Use the YouTube featured video option in your creator studio.

All of the above have been tested and will surely work for you. You can add your own suggestion or details concerning any of them, in the comment form.

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