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Facebook and Apple are at war on privacy, tracking, data protection, and a lot of things. To make the competition aggressive, Apple is building its network secretly. They aim to compete with Facebook and its messenger platform like WhatsApp and also FB Messenger.

Apple has bad memories. Do you remember Ping? It was their first social media network. But it burned and crashed. It didn’t die off completely.
Ping was expected to be social media network for people that like music. It was launched in 2010 with the release of iTunes. iTunes as however the biggest hit that period. Spotify was their competitor.

With plans to make iTunes amazing with exciting features, they thought it will beat Facebook and Twitter since it is targeted. Reviews set in. Some were negative and others positive.

Ping had a lot of flaws. Only iTunes users were able to access it. iTunes became more and more old-fashioned. Having social media features like comments, posts, messages, replies and more, made it worse.
There were lots of fake accounts on Ping. Pages of celebrities were flooded with fake accounts with lots of incentives like free iPads and iPhones. I believe those were easy to create. Apple wasn’t doing anything to restrict it.

In September 2012, Apple had to close Ping. They learned a lot. They were able to add some of the ideas they learned in Apple Music. The feature allows users to browse through feeds, follow famous artists and receive exclusive content. This is Ping in a modern and controlled manner.

Apple has been quiet during the last decade in the launch of another social media network. But sources have it that they are secretly building another one that will be a big hit.

Anyway, what is a social media network?

A friend that wrote an article on the cost of a $100 iTunes card in Naira once said this:

It’s a website for micro-blogging and social networking through which people share information, personal messages, ideas, and other content like videos.

I don’t think modern social networks suit this kind of definition. Let me rush back to Apple for a quick explanation.

As you know, Apple likes privacy. Most social media platforms don’t care. They are only interested in your data. They get it for free from you and sell it to third parties.

Apple is not in this kind of business. It’s an excellent selling point for social media network owners.
Small businesses use it to serve ads to potential and existing customers. Those are tagged as malicious interests. It’s a way of making a living.
Now, the question is, how will Apple build a social media network without selling your data?

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