socialising with friends
If you are usually quiet, it is natural to be shy when it comes to socialising with people.
Expanding your friends can be difficult without reading this kind of guide. It can even seem to be intimidating.
But with these simple ways, you can begin to form some group of friends and let go of shyness.

1. Use Latest Apps
Everyone is aware of Facebook and how cool you can meet new friends there. But you shouldn’t stick only to it when there are many other ones to try out. You need to know more about what is happening in your society, by meeting new people.
Online, there are so many of these apps that can help you do that. You should just go to your normal device app store, search and download anyone with lots of reviews.

2. Know your friends
You shouldn’t add and move over to another person. Try to interact with each individual that is in your friends list. Know what they do and if possible meet them physically.
It might be a bit hard to see them in real life, but you can start with engaging them sometime with conversations.
You shouldn’t turn it to a date. It should be a simple hangout. Talk or chat to know about yourselves.
You should do this in an open area since it is the first time of meeting the person.

3. Choosing the right location
This part is more important like the other. A bit of it was shared above.
Before you ask them out, you need to pick a good location. You should never invite them to your house or to see your parents. Don’t ever think about that in the beginning.
Go out to a shop where you can buy a drink and talk. It should just be a shop.
Don’t be too silly and spend a lot talking to your friend. You still don’t know if what he said on social media is true. You need to make sure he/she is really a good friend and someone you can share a lot with. Mind what you say when you are out there physically.

Shy people prefer to talk to their gadgets. They sometimes think meeting people is a bad idea.
The thing is, one day you will get bored of all those devices and will need a real person in your life.
Follow those 3 ways and start socialising like a pro.

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