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According to this gift card to naira – website, steam cards have the highest rate.
But that doesn’t mean you won’t get the best value for other ones, but steam is better.
Let me explain why?

Amazon gift cards get a lot of rejection whenever you want to sell. This is because; some cards only work with the IP address of the person that paid for them. Only ones starting with AX sell fast. Others always have one issue or the other.
But if you didn’t check before you receive it, you can still go ahead and submit it on their website.

iTunes gift cards also have a high rate. They don’t have issues at all. You can change your $100 iTunes card and above for naira on that platform easily. There are no limitations at all.

eBay cards are not difficult to sell. Make sure you submit a US card to avoid rejection. I think they are working on accepting other currencies. But for now, go with what they have.

Are there other gift cards with good rates?

There are lots of gift cards out there with a high rate. You should stick with Steam if you or iTunes if you have a request to be paid in gift cards. But if you already have a different type, check that website to see if you can sell it there.

I know gift card trading is booming. A lot of social media agencies are accepting that as a means of payment. They can redeem or sell it for cash. So, you are not the only person that wants to get a gift card. This is something that has been in existence for a long time.

These days, several payment methods are giving their users issues with verifications. My friend got a limitation on PayPal. If he had received payment for his service through a gift card, that won’t happen.
Anyway, I have an article on how to turn your gift card into cash. You can read it if you like. It is almost the same as this one. I found out about it while publishing this one.
I have been aware for some time. In a few days, I will write an article on how to get gift cards as a smart digital agency.

If you have an unused card, don’t forget to only change it on that website you see above. It is the only place I can recommend for getting the highest rate for your gift card.
Make sure you tell your buddies about this so that they can join you to do the same.
I will be grateful if you share this post on your social media channels.

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